Beta Testing September 5, 2020

Feedback requested: plugin and theme tracking for WordPress professionals

Chris Hardie @ChrisHardie

Hello! I created WP Lookout to help WordPress professionals who manage lots of WordPress sites for their clients and who don’t want to go all-in on automatic theme and plugin updates. WP Lookout tracks information about the WordPress themes and plugins you depend on and alerts you when there are important changes such as new releases, a security-related changelog update or a change in plugin ownership. We support tracking/alerts through email, Slack, custom webhook or RSS feed.

We've just recently launched and I’d be grateful for any testing feedback you have, whether you’re a WordPress professional or not. Of course anything is fair game for your suggestions: the concept, the marketing site, the application's workflows, documentation, UI/UX, or whatever else comes to mind. I am of course happy to extend free access to the paid plan features to anyone from the Indie Hackers community who finds it useful and shares their observations with me along the way.

Thank you!

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