March 8, 2019

Feedback required for my product: PricePaladin


Hi everybody, i've just released my product PricePaladin and i'd really like any feedback about it.
Keep in mind it should be a B2B product, but i'm curious to see if anyone can suggest a good usecase for B2C too.

Any suggestion about possible niches where to market the product are also really really really appreciated :D

Thanks in advance,

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    I like it. Although there is competition.

    Perhaps this could be sold as an API to help existing providers. Ex: slickdeals could use something like this and add value to their users.

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      Yes definitely. Competition targets especially big customers while mine target are small businesses (this may be a sign that small businesses are not a profitable niche though O_o).
      Thank you for your suggestion, this may be effectively a good use of the product.

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    The product itself makes sense. I know this is quite a popular niche and there is a market (though there are a few big players already).

    Main piece of feedback throughout, is that I think the homepage and app UI/UX needs to be improved to be more conventional - some of the prompts, buttons, modals etc don't follow the common patterns and flow I'd expect from a SaaS app.


    • use screenshot / imagery at normal dimensions, looks a little strange to have a half desktop screen size image for example
    • make images larger - there is a modern effect where you can make it take almost half the page width, and expand as screen gets bigger. it's actually quite hard to see the functionality, even on my macbook
    • remove the image shadow
      -improve between content sections etc
    • i think your logo text should just be on a single line

    I think the app itself could guide the user better after registration. Users want to be told what to do - have big buttons for next steps. I landed on the post-signup page, and took a few seconds to figure out what to do, which I assume is the 'Add Product' text link? Make this a big orange button.

    Anyways, I added a test Amazon product link and it worked. So overall not bad :)

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      Hi Adamski,
      yes UI/UX is definitely not my skill ;)
      All of your suggestions make sense. I'm trying to add a UI/UX expert onboard to review all of those aspects.

      That said, Amazon is the most common choice but i think that tools like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel are best options for Amazon tracking, both for business users and customer users.

      PricePaladin should target non-Amazon tracking needs (even if it can track Amazon's products too).
      A beta tester (non business user) used it to monitor ferry prices fot its vacation dates, so he can book the ferry when it costs less (ferry company changes price for any specific day, multiple times a month).