Feedback trade! Help me with my WIP landing page, then link yours 😊

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    PS. I'm a technical founder. I wrote my comments while browsing your landing page.

    I don't immediately understand how I would start using Relevance. At first, the word API in the main title confused me, because I expected some kind of widget that I could add to my platform, but now I am thinking of it, that would be pretty hard to do since I would need to feed your model our data of course.

    I was searching for the pricing and found it lower on the page. "free" is not necessarily good for trust. At least in my case. I am sending you all our data, how are you going to make money out of that? I would personally rather see a small monthly fee. You could experiment with that and never charge or ask for a credit card, just to see if you get more signups.

    Mainly I am looking for more non-technical information on how to use Relevance, how do I implement it, how does it look when I get search results back. I believe it is completely API-based?

    I'm now watching your video, wow, this is really cool! Could you explain a bit from the magic in the video on the landing page as well?

    Let me know if you have any questions about my comments. I would love your feedback on https://togroundcontrol.com

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      Appreciated mate!

      Interesting feedback that helps a lot. To clarify, we are an API but have a dashboard where you can do everything too. But ultimately the main use case is for you to implement search into your app or website via API.

      Re: GroundControl!

      Your hero graphic takes up way too much space. It doesn't mean anything on its own and pushes your key header text below my eye sight.

      That being said your copy is good. Your H1 and H2 super clearly and succinctly tell me what this is and who it is for, love that.

      Design tip: don't centre align the hero section. It's much harder to read centre aligned text, so having the hero section centred strains the eyes and prevents me from easily scanning it. You can get away with centre align if its just two lines (h1 + h2). If you were to do that, I'd put it above the large hero graphic. Bring the two CTAs together too rather than having the large gap between them.

      I love the section where you call out your two big user personas. This continues the theme of nicely targeted copy that has a clear audience and purpose. The three feature points below that are brilliant as well and abide nicely by the idea of making your user the hero.

      Alignment for the book section is again a bit weird.

      The three feature points below the book section have less compelling copy than the rest of the page. They don't accentuate the hero journey as well as the previous section.

      Love the schedule a session part! Great way to tie off the page for people who get that far down but still aren't convinced. Nice!

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        Wow, really amazing feedback! Thanks :) I will take some time tomorrow to have a look at the hero and book section. It totally makes sense now you are pointing it out.

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    Looks good!

    The only thing that I was thinking (but not 100% sure) was whether you should maybe put a bit more detail into how it works outside of the video. And also, I almost stopped scrolling at the "Flexible Semantic Search API", not because anything was wrong, but because it gave me a feeling of it being the end of the page. Other than that I think it looks good!

    Here's my BotMeNot homepage, that I've been putting work into redesigning. Let me know what you think!


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      Appreciate the feedback mate! I have moved the pricing section up above the "Flexible Semantic Search API" block as it shouldn't be lost.

      Some thoughts on BotMeNot!

      I love it conceptually, but it took me a while to grok exactly what you meant by "Bot Protection Score" and "anti-bot protection". Particularly, anti-bot protection is a bit of a double negative.

      The reason I bring this up is that when I did grok what it meant, it seems like a great and no-brainer concept. So I feel like your copy could improve to give me this aha moment straight away.

      I don't think you need your name as your H1. Keep that up top in the logo. I'd change the logo from a stacked logo to an inline logo as "BotMeNot" is clearer. Then your H1 can be something like "See how protected your website is against bots". Just a sentence like that would make me instantly understand, where "BotMeNot" and "Measures Your Bot Protection Score" aren't clear at all without further context.

      I would make the graphic to the right be more clearly an example of what a "Bot Protection Score" looks like. Give a real life example in a mock up of someone's BPS, and link it to the benefit of knowing this. Maybe a success graphic:

      [ graphic of dial + high BPS score ]
      "Well done! You have elite bot protection."

      • "this means you receive very little spam and your APIs are protected from abuse"

      That would help me see what a BPS is, and also understand why I want to get a high one.

      The "Are you facing one of these problems?" section is very good content. I'd consider bolding/highlighting the key words in each problem so I can scan it more easily.

      Re: Free Bot. "A very basic bot" hardly sells it! If you don't want to sell it, don't offer it at all. If you think a free version is necessary, then speak to the person it is necessary for rather than downplaying it so aggressively.

      The 1 - 2 - 3 section is very good and should be way higher up the page! This answers a lot of my questions about what the heck BotMeNot even is. Very surprised to find it so low.

      Hope this was helpful!!

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        Just a quick heads-up, we've actually implemented most of your suggestions! Feel free to check them out https://botmenot.com/

        Thanks, once again!

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        Wow! Very valuable feedback, thanks!

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    Looks great! I'm really struggling to say anything negative, and I like how you linked interactive documentation so that users can play around with the API. Possibly include some case studies of how different customers are using this in addition to just mentioning the name of the customer and a short review? In any case, I gave you an upvote.

    Here's mine which is for a very different product: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/building-a-course-to-help-people-level-up-their-software-engineering-careers-what-do-you-think-1bc55996a1


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      Thanks mate! Having a look now. [Note, I left feedback on the linked post]

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