FeedHive is closing in on $500 MRR after being public for only 1 month 😍

It may not sound like much - but I'm proud as f...! 💪

FeedHive is closing in on $500 MRR after being public for only 1 month.

I feel like this is starting out really well!
Mostly, I have a large social media network to thank - the endless support from the Twitter community has been overwhelming, and I have had some seriously cool and influential people involved almost from day one.

I'm very thankful, and I just wanted to share this small milestone with you 🧡

Keep rocking, hackers 🚀

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    Hi Simon,

    Congrats to your honest work.
    When I discover direct competition for a product I mostly do not continue. What made you think your product can find a niche between all the other big players of social media scheduling?

    1. 1

      When the market is this enormous and well-established, I'm generally not concerned.
      Note that there's a huge difference between an established market and a saturated market.

      With a market this size, there will always be users that prefer exactly the way you did the tool.

      I've had a lot of people write to me on DMs saying "I love FeedHive, it's so much better than Buffer".
      That doesn't mean that Buffer is bad - clearly, it's not.
      But it underlines my point - there'll always be some users that prefer it your way.

      If the market is big enough, that group of users may be sufficient to create a sustainable business around it.

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    looks good! congrats

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    Congrats, I think this looks very good and I also just checked out one of your previous posts. Appreciate your writeup, I am also a consultant with two clients ;), but may I ask though: Did you have many Twitter followers when you started? It seems like a critical mass is important.. enough people have to like you so they get enthusiastic about what you produce, no?

    1. 1

      Yes, it has played a HUGE role.

      In essence, that's why I'm building this tool.
      Because having an audience generally plays a huge role.
      I would recommend anyone to start building an audience prior to launching a product. And FeedHive is all about helping people achieve that in a more easy and convenient way 😊

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    Looks awesome, well done!

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    Congratulations! The best for the coming months :)

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    Congrats! Happy to be one of the users :)

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    Congrats @SimonHoiberg! Also, loving the introduction video on your homepage

  8. 1

    Started using it yesterday, loving the tool so far.

    More sales for you coming soon

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      That's awesome! Thank you 🧡

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