May 30, 2019

Female Indiehackers and Makers? 🙋‍♀️


I am making a list of notable indiehackers and makers. (WIP here

Noticed I have a lot of guys, and not a lot of girls.

Who are some awesome female indiehackers you know? You can totally nominate yourself :)

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    Hi! I nominate myself. 😁

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      hi! thank you! added.

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    Thanks for asking, most people don't bother. Which led to me tweet this the other day. :|

    @lynnetye @Laura @amyhoy Jane Portman @sarah @anthilemoon @jjejje and Marie from WomenMake.

    There's a few from the IH Podcast list that are worth a look too.

    There's a couple of previous discussions worth a look at too:

    And there is this online women indie hacker get together which is still on my todo list -

    Some lists:

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      Thanks for mentioning me and the Maker Mag list :) I would definitely have a look at Women Make for more folks to include.

      p.s. @joshdance thanks for asking too!

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      Hey! Thanks for mentioning me :) @joshdance if you're looking for more women, I made a Twitter list with all of our members: You will definitely find interesting women to add!

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      thanks so much! added them.

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    I don't know if I'd call myself awesome (yet) but I am one of three female indiehackers I've seen on here (the others being @rosiesherry and @Harlem) so there does seem to be a bit of a gender disparity in this community (but I nominate both of them because they're awesome!)

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      thanks! added to the list.

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    Great idea! I'd be glad to be considered at well. @J_Schiff on Twitter

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      Awesome! Added you.

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    Hello! Fellow lady hacker here :D

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    Hello! I nominate myself as well. Not sure if I fit the bill though, I run a nonprofit.

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      howdy! do you have a twitter so I can add you to the list?

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    🙋‍♀️ I'm new here. Hope to connect with everyone.

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      Hi! great to meet you. Added you to the list.

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    Don’t know what your criteria is but would be happy if you add me!

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      Criteria is loosely based on awesomeness. You totally qualify. Thanks! Added you.

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        Oh, thanks. Super flattered!

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    Would love to join the list ☺️ bootstrapping a team meetings app

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