April 23, 2019

Fighting vendor lock-in and designing testable serverless apps

Slobodan Stojanović @slobodan

What do you think about cloud vendor lock-in? I wrote an article about it and tried to show the architecture we use for our product, Vacation Tracker, and I would love to hear your thoughts:


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    Hi Slobodan,

    Good article, and I agree that vendor lock-in is the biggest remaining issue that concerns poeple about serverless. Less so for startups I think, but it is a huge concern for Enterprise.

    I guess I see your 'hexagonal architecture' as sort of an abstraction layer that insulates you from the problem. I think there is a cost to that, but it is a good solution never-the-less.

    As an alternative, have you looked at Google's Cloud Run (and Anthos). To me, these seem specifically designed to address concerns about vendor lock-in.

    It looks like they are open sourcing their serverless infrastructure, demonstrating that it is all based on open standards and interfaces, and giving you many options and completely flexibility in how and where you run it. If you don't like something they do or a price hike in the future then you are not locked in at all.

    Now, your solution is much broader. Google's solution is just for serverless so it is up to you to pick equally open and flexible components for the rest of your architecture.

    But for me, Cloud Run resolves my biggest concern about serverless.

    disclaimer: I haven't used them these products, just read about them. I do not work for, or have any other hidden ties to Google or these products.

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