Finally decided to release the first app that I hope to "make" something. Spoiler: it's safecracker on your wrist ⌚️

As an iOS developer and an ex UX designer, I always had interesting ideas for apps I wanted to work on. However, I kept hitting wall after wall after wall.

1st wall 🧱: "I am not good enough to make my own app"
And true, for a while I had ideas but no skills to make those apps. Eventually got a job as an iOS dev and will you look at that, I KNOW HOW TO MAKE APPS!
Let me make some of my own!

But then:
2nd wall 🧱: "no time to work on my own projects"
And for a good while, I believed this was true. There simply isn't enough time to both work AND develop your own apps. After gaining some XP I realized this was false as well, I CAN make time but doesn't need to be 5hrs a day, but a task every other day or ANYTHING, just keep progressing in small increments.

3rd wall 🧱: "I have time, I have skills, but now it's not good enough"
And here I am, standing on top of the 3rd wall. Knowing how to make things I want to make and finding enough time to work on them.
But just another feature, just another bugfix...I have 3-4 apps that are at 90% completion JUST because I don't believe they are good enough.

Well, enough is enough. Bad reviews or failure to make a successful app is better than having a NO app 😂 at all. I have to clean up the shelves and launch these apps soon 🚀, then work on them in prod 😅

4th Wall 🧱, here I come! Whatever you may bring!

And with that, my first "purchasable" app:


Made a nice press-kit page for it as well:

If you are interested in a promo code, I got you covered.
Wring me up here or via twitter: https://twitter.com/emin_ui

I hope to release more apps soon which would enable me to really call myself an "indie"

  1. 1

    Oh wow! That sounds seriously cool 😎
    Honestly it’s the first time I’ve wanted an Apple Watch since I got a version 1 (developer version) watch years ago. I reckon this game could easily blow up 💥


    1. 1

      ahhh RLY?! Thank you, that means a lot! :)
      I don't own a watch either, but playing with this made me wonder few times.

      Also, the wife would appreciate me not taking her watch every night to test this out 😂

      1. 1

        Absolutely! Sounds like such a cool game. Kudos for the awesome idea! 💯
        As for the actual watch - I’ve tried to like it. Even started wearing it again a couple of years ago, but only kept it on for about a week. I just don’t get the appeal of the watch at all 🙂

        Best of luck with the game. Would love to hear how it goes! Keep us updated 👍

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