Finally did it, I quit my job.

It's hard quitting a high paying job, especially when you work with good people.

But if the work doesn't fulfil you, you have to keep searching.Today i gave notice and i'm ready to go the IndieHacker way.

My focus will probably be on building tools for mobile developers & product building since that's my area of expertise.

No real plan but i'm super excited for the year ahead.

Good luck everyone! #2021

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    Same here, gave notice two months ago and now it's my first day as an Indie hacker ^^
    Scared and excited at the same time!
    Best of luck!

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      That's awesome, congrats and best of luck!

    2. 1

      Might sound cliche but that's when you feel the most alive.

      1. 1

        so cliché, but so true! Everything seems possible!

  2. 6

    Congratulations!! Please do check back in and tell us how everything went!

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    Currently making $60k month from my “side project” and still scared to death to quite my job. So kudos to you brother. Hope to gain some confidence and do the same one day. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your time!

    1. 2

      Would you elaborate on this? In my opinion, $60k a month is very decent money that would make you easily quit your job.

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    Good luck! Sometimes you just gotta rip off the bandage. You can do it.

  5. 3

    Same, Going to be a wild year. Good luck!!!

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    My friend, best of luck to you! I hope you find even greater fulfilment in time. I've followed and will keep an eye out :)

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    Awesome! Good luck. Do post updates on your projects on IH.

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    Good luck with your projects! Never stop working,

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    Best of luck to you. I did the same. I have about 2 years worth of time.

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    Good luck there 👊

    I remember when I leave my job as lead dev on the top-1 mobile app in its own category.
    To make it safer first I went part-time until I strike a big contract in my own business.

    Good times 🤠

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      I started building on the side but you can do only so much after a full day of work. Feels good to at least try.

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    Congrats! Best of luck and Godspeed! :)

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    Hey @xyz_crypto - Well done on that first step. It is huge and scary but you're doing something that most dream of.

    If you need a hand with anything don't hesitate to reach out.

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    Congrats! What pushed you to make the move?

    1. 1

      When you start hating Mondays and waiting for Fridays, that's when you know.

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    Look into building tools around react native E2E specifically making it so you can just click record, go through the app then have that generate the E2E test. I have worked on so many react native apps and wanted this feature even at billion dollar companies.

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    I am with you. could not agree more and all the best!!

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    Congrats! It is hard to get out of our comfort zone, but sometimes it is the step that we need to focus on our projects. I made the same decision months ago, and I don't regret it at all! Even it was a bit scary at the beginning.

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      Agreed, you can only grow if you get out of your comfort zone. Best of luck!

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    Awesome! I am seriously considering doing the same... I have to admit that I got used to earning quite a decent salary and use to enjoy other aspects of life aside work. But yeah, as you mentioned, "its not about the pay check it's about you being able to use your knowledge to manifest your own paycheck" so I am pretty certain I am going to end up taking the step pretty soon.
    Very encouraging! Thanks and good luck

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      Personally, i think the risk is low. If you're in tech, you can always find another job (easily).

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    Wish you all the best, from Malmö ;)

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    Welcome to the future 👍

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    Hey congratulations it takes courage to move on and do what you feel is for you...its not about the pay check it's about you being able to use your knowledge to manifest your own paycheck...I personally haven't gotten to that point yet but learning how..congratulations 👍👍

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      A healthy amount of savings is definitely helpful before jumping in. Worse case scenario, i build some cool projects and gain more knowledge.

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    Best of luck! I got laid off in October and decided to use my time with employment insurance to dig into myself and just start building. It's been incredibly valuable use of time that has re-focussed my work intentions. Enjoy it!

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      You're learning and making yourself more valuable. Good luck!

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    No guts, no rewards - and you're on the right track!
    Good luck!

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    Congrats! You made a great decision. The worst case scenario is just another high paying job :)

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      Absolutely true. I'm very grateful to be a software engineer in this day and age.

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    I have been thinking quit my job for a very long time, but so many things hold me back

    1. 1

      Sometimes you have to do right by you.

      It took me a few years to put myself in a position to quit without many worries. Make a plan and work towards it.

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    Good luck dude! I just dropped down to 3 days per week in my job (as of today), it's a start at least...

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    I am new on this web page so you say "i'm ready to go the IndieHacker way.". what does it means In this platform everbody supposing work like freelancer or create some product for people.

    1. 2

      It means working on stuff that you want to work on and hopefully make a living out of it.

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