April 11, 2019

Finally launched my first software product !

After many many months of learning to code and working on my side project I'm happy to say that I've finally launched my first SaaS!

subassembly is a product data management platform aimed at small engineering and manufacturing companies that want to manage their design/manufacturing data in a simple and intuitive way.
Initially I started the project for fun to learn how to code but it eventually evolved into solving a big pain point for me at my day job- unnecessarily complicated engineering software.

If you want to login and have a look around you can use the following:
test (at) test (dot) com
password is 'password'

Would really appreciate any feedback (good and bad) on the landing page/product/idea.

IH is an incredible community and has been invaluable for learning and knowledge- I hope to one day contribute like so many other makers on here.