Landing Page Feedback March 31, 2020

Finally Launched My Landing Page

Louis JR @louisjr

Hey All,

I finally got my landing page up and running I would really appreciate any feedback, after any feedback I'm going to launch on product hunt to generate some interest.


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    Congrats on launching the site @louisjr


    • Nice selection of color and contrast
    • Copywriting is fine
    • Would be great to see at least the mockup / prototype of your site before making it public

    I'm also redesigning my website, your feedback would be crucial :)

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    You've got a nice looking page, and I like the headline. That being said, there are a few things that could improve it.

    First, turn some of those features into benefits. People don't care what the product has as much as what it will do for them. It's about the prospect, not the product.A good way to draw out the benefits is with the So What technique. Keep asking, so what until the answer is self-evident.

    Along those same lines, there is too much first person copy. Look how may times you have "we" and "our" compared to "you." Focus on the prospect.

    Next, I would try to tighten up some of the copy a bit. Using more active voice would help.

    Last, but far from least, I would clarify the offer. Pre-Order is the most prominent in your top Nav, but at the bottom of the page, join the mailing list stands out more. Stick to one main choice for the entire page. Also, if you want people to pre-order, give them some reasons to do it. What is the benefit of doing that rather than just waiting until it's ready? And what does it entail? Do they have to pay now? Will they get some sort of discount or perks for acting early?

    These are all things people will want to know.

    Best of luck.

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      Thanks for the feedback, I took a lot of this on board and made some changes to the copy and after some thought I decided to remove the option for pre-order.



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    A+ on the hero image with text, but as others have noted the bottom section looks intimidating when you first land on it, feeling more like an FAQ page than a home page.

    I agree with the other comments on creating some visual hierarchy. You have 6 blocks of content. For instance, those could all be stacked vertically, or 2 x 2 with a nice little image with each to provide a more enjoyable skimming experience for visitors.

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      I have now updated this with some shortened copy and added some more icons for visual interest,

      Thank you,


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    Good concept, lots of info though I think you could cut down on the text and add a mockup or other visual to showcase the product. Good luck!

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    the text needs more visual hierarchy so its more easily skimmable

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    Hi Louis,
    Your features page is hard to read the text is too long. Add more icons. Put key phrases in bold

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      Thanks for the feedback, i know the text is "long" but considering this is a landing page only i thought best to give these landlords as much info as possible before signing up, i have broken up the text into paragraphs so i think it is fine, would be interested to see if other people think it is too hard to read too? With regards to icons, do they actually make a difference to conversion, IMO they clutter the UI and provide little useful info to the user. Again happy to be corrected on that but im not so sure. Will definitely put the key points in bold.

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    P.S. There is a small typo in your Instant Chat section "conveniant" should be "convenient" :).

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    Hi Louis JR! Your landing page looks awesome! I worked for several years in real estate and once long ago managed a 300 unit Class B apartment complex in a rural part of the United States! I apologize though it's been several years since I've worked with property management software so my information is very dated and I worry not useful to you. With that said, my understanding is proptech is a pretty crowded space these days (which isn't necessarily bad for you and might be quite good!). My feedback would be: 1) it would be great to see how your solution differs from your competitors and 2) is there a specific niche you are targeting (i.e., small landlords, large landlords, what classes of real estate (residential, multifamily, office, warehouse, retail, etc.). Excited to see your landing page and I wish you the best of luck! Looks great!

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      Thank you CruuCrew, i appreciate the feedback from someone previously in the industry!.
      I do believe there are some strong competitors in the market, but only really 1 that has a sufficient product to rival what i would be proposing with mine. That said i am targeting smaller landlords with residential properties at first to get the ball rolling. I have worked in a company who built a product in the housing (not rental) space, and there are many individual solutions but not many that cover so many basis in terms of features or they lacked a consistent development lifecycle and were behind on newer features. So hence my all-in-one strategy here with consistent updates.

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