April 25, 2019

Finally launched something

Ante Sepic @OriginalEXE

Woohoo, I have finally launched something. It's not super useful, but I have a shipping paralysis like probably many here and so I just wanted to ship something. Recently I have realized that Twitter has a pretty cool streaming API. I also wanted to play with web sockets. Combine those two, and TechRumble was born:


Right now it collects only javascript frameworks mentions. I'm planning on adding some more categories, as well as historical view since right now one can only see data for the current day.

Goals achieved:
1.) I shipped something!!!
2.) Got to play with web sockets
3.) Got to play with Preact
4.) Got to use Digitalocean for hosting the static files and the server + their managed db service


On the frontend:
Preact as a JS framework
Linaria for CSS
SocketCluster client for communicating to the backend

On the backend:
Express (not really used right now)
SocketCluster for web sockets

I am mainly a frontend developer so it was hard to come up with a decent design but I believe I managed to make it not look super terrible. It was also interesting to play with the database again.

Just wanted to share, thanks for reading :)


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    Nice and clean. Digital Ocean is a great hosting service, but possibly too much for a static website. You could use https://www.netlify.com/ which starts free and automatically publishes your website when the master branch has been updated.

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      Indeed it's an overkill, but I needed space for the backend so I had to spin up a droplet anyway, and because I also use Nginx for proxying requests to the web sockets server, it made sense to just serve the static assets as well.

      It's a nice learning experience as well.

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    Congratulations on launching Ante!

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      Thank you, it's a great feeling :)

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    What is your technology stack for this product ?

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      Hi, I have posted the tech details in the post, let me know if I missed some specifics you want to know about.

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        oops , wrong thread :). Thanks for explaining though.

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