March 29, 2019

Finally launched something!

Ryan Doyle @royledoyle

After 3 months of teaching myself to code by coding every day, got v1 up!

Problem - finding Software Sales Jobs is not easy, tech businesses are paying a lot to get in front of the right salespeople but there's no dedicated resource to find a job in this field.

Solution - as someone in the industry, I built an aggregator for high quality software sales jobs that updates daily. I'll add more and more to this over time.

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me! If you're in the field or trying to crack in, do you have any advice for me?


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    Congratulations! That's got to feel awesome.

    What doesn't feel awesome, though, is when you work on something for months and then you ask for feedback. Don't take this personally because this might not apply to you, but most people who ask for "feedback" are asking for praise. But what they get is feedback: "Fix this, fix that, this sucks, don't do that, you messed it all up, it's not what I would do, it's not what I expected."

    I only bring that up so you don't get discouraged. Feedback is love, and love hurts.

    That being said, here's my praise:
    Great concept. Lots of people make stuff, and sometimes I question its actual value in the world. This, to me, is clearly valuable to the right crowd. I think it has a lot of potential.

    Here's my feedback:

    • I would definitely remove the "By @Ryan__Doyle" tag from the upper left, or at least bury it in the footer. I know you're proud, but "By @Ryan__Doyle" is not the product you're selling.
    • The overall design is useable; but it needs some love, especially in the context of small screens. Find a designer friend, or take some cues from existing list-style websites. (
    • It's smart to have a call to action with the apply button, but, really, I should be able to click anywhere on the row to take me to the link.
    • The favicon of money flying away concerns me. Flying money represents money wasted. Not a great message.

    Great job, and keep it up!

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      SendThatInvoice, thank you for your feedback! In the past, I did ecom businesses where feedback was immediate in the form of customers buying your product. This is my first coding project and something longer term for me, so your perspective on improving the site is much appreciated :)

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    Tell us something about your coding journey,what did you learn and why

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      Everyone says "start where you are, just start coding" but that's not really great advice. I'm a business person. Never coded. Where do you even start? Yeah you can write a few lines of code, but i think what most people mean when they ask where to start is "How do I get code from my computer onto a website/app/out into the world?"

      To me, that was the biggest initial hurdle. Figuring out how to make code run somewhere other than my computer

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    I admire U releasing this to the world Ryan! The top few jobs seem a bit glitched and I bet U can get that fixed.

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      Thank you! I'm working on that haha... one of the hardest things seems to be verifying the integrity of some data!

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    Great job!
    I would also change the favicon and work on the layout, if you do not want to spend that much time on that you can also just buy a HTML template and hook it up.
    Get some branding done and you are good to go.

    All the best!

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      Thank you deifos! I appreciate it!

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    Congrats Ryan!! I launched my first just before Christmas and another right after new year, the feeling never gets old!

    Some quick feedback for you!

    The list loading took a little while for me (my internet isn't great) I thought it was broken, maybe add a loading indicator?

    It is all very cramped, add some breathing room between each row, and maybe reduce the row title-size a little bit, its kind of screaming at me.

    Your page lacks a feeling or hierarchy, i feel bombarded with information that looks of equal importance but really isn't. Decide what is most important, 2nd, 3rd, etc and make them stand out in that order.

    A small nit pick would be the apply button, having it on each row is very very repetitive, maybe just show it upon hover? (or, make it either a grey outline white bg, or subtle grey bg to make it less distracting)

    Functional things would be a filter option, (role, location, etc) and if possible, some information without having to click through to the application link. (Not sure if this is easily doable or not)

    If you want any more help, feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter and I can give feedback as you make changes, heck, I can even do you a quickie mockup if you like! :)

    Happy making!

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      Thanks KJ, and congrats on your launch, I'll check it out!

      With loading indicators, there should be some in the job area but it's def something I need to improve. I also want to learn how to cache the dynamic page into something static as it really only updates once a day.

      Def going to update the list items themselves, I get that they're cramped!

      Filtering is coming up! As soon as I figure out how to do it ;)

      Thank you again for your feedback, much appreciated!

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