May 17, 2019

Finally, rebuilt my class project into side-project

Onar A. @onar

Hi IHs,

Last year I posted here asking for advice on the idea (OOPSPam API) I have developed for one of my exams.
btw, thank you @BartBoch for the comment

Finally, I rebuilt the API with more features:

  • Spam score
  • Machine Learning algorithm
  • Multiple blacklisted IPs list
  • Language outlier detection algorithm
  • Spam word detection

Do you have any suggestion on the website or the product?

  1. 3

    Love the idea! Have you considered fleshing out the splash page a little more? I wish it was a little more actionable (e.g. it would be awesome to be able to paste in a sample text and see the API's output!)

    1. 2

      I totally agree with @buttondown. Awesome product (in fact, I was looking something like that), but the landing page needs some work to better showcase how it works. Good luck!

      1. 1

        Thank you for the feedback, will add more.
        In case you are interested, please check out RapidAPI page:

    2. 1

      Thanks,Good point.
      The previous version had it. Although, RapidAPI provides a simple way to test it, I will add on the home page as well.

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    Good luck with it! It looks like you have something very interesting growing in your hands!

    1. 1

      thanks @BartBoch,
      hopefully, it will grow.

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    Nice work on launching the API! It seems extremely useful.

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      Thanks, I appreciate it