May 28, 2019

Finance Templates in Google Sheets

Angélique Toque 👀 @angeliquetoque

Hi there! I have been working really hard with my team to launch these ready-made automated templates. I guess everyone can find something for yourself (especially if you run your side projects, startups, small biz). There are a bunch of cool solutions such as:

  • Cash Flow,
  • Expense Tracker,
  • Income Statement,
  • Budget vs Actual,
  • Business Unit Analysis.

All the templates are fully editable and collaborative. We are testing everything, so feedback is really welcomed!

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    Great idea!

  2. 1

    This looks really cool and useful!

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    Hey Angelique,

    Nice landing page. Maybe think about specifying on the page that they’re used for G-Suite or google sheets.

    • Steve