Gumroad September 28, 2020

Find affiliates for your Gumroad product

Yang @yang

As @rosiesherry said, there's a definite growing trend of indie hackers creating products and making money through Gumroad.

If you're selling on Gumroad and looking for affiliates, drop a link to your Gumroad product with the % commission you are willing to offer.


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      Didn't know you guys were here on IH...

      Do you think this could suit my newsletter? 1320 subscribers...

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    I think it is important to be careful in choosing and managing affiliates. I currently have 4 affiliates, just started opening up to that a week ago, and everyone I've signed up has been carefully chosen for alignment with my brand and values.

    Here is the note that I used when recruiting my affiliates. I'm leaving it here so other creators can use it as input when writing their own affiliate policies.

    I'm not looking for more affiliates at this time but I hope the info is useful.

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    Hello @Yang.

    Yes, I do want affiliates, but right now I'm offering my first e-book for free just to receive some feedback

    Check this:

    Once this "feedback" stage is done, then I will go ahead selling the e-book.
    And start working in the second e-book.

    But not sure yet what the final price, working on it.

    Commision for affiliates should be 50%.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    I am selling a 40th magazine birthday template..

    50% commission. DM me if you’re up for it.

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      What an amazing idea!

      What about doing the same for Latin American, Spanish spoken countries?
      Maybe we can do something...

      PS.: If you have time, check this:

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        Thank you!

        Yes, I am open to doing the same for those countries.

        I also like your idea of a 10 min speed read of a broad topic

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    I just published the Front Door Framework, a micro-course on rethinking how to build landing pages.

    Offering 50% commission. DM me here or on Twitter if you’re up for it.

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    Gumroad link:


    Commision: 50%

    Generally the same rules as @philipkiely listed so I'm just linking to his document:

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    Affiliate offers via Gumroad:
    Growth & Traction Kit (50% or $12.5) -

    Affiliate offers via Podia (Sorry Gumroad):
    The Distribution Challenge (50% @ 49.5 / 69.5 / 249.5)

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    🔗 This isn’t the Gumroad link, but Doka Image Editor is sold on Gumroad:

    💸 Affiliate fee 25% on subscription

    💰 Successful affiliates make around 400 to 500 a month

    Send me PM if interested 👍

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    Can offer 20% (it’s a recurring subscription)

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