Find SaaS Ideas #0015

Happy Monday everyone. Here's another vid on finding saas ideas. I'll be adding more videos everyday!

This one is kinda cool, in that there's a clear path to how you can grow this with SEO. Lots of opportunity. Quick thoughts on this:

  • Zoning bylaw pages for each city, county, etc etc
  • Keywords such as "<City> Zoning Bylaws"
  • Check the attached picture to see what kinda keywords even google auto-complete is giving

If only I wasn't busy with other stuff, I'd probably jump on this idea.

What do you think??

  1. 3

    Clever approach!
    Reading the text of this post confused me a bit, but I'm glad I clicked your video to fully grasp this discovery technique
    Will check out your other vids, thank you for sharing :)

    1. 2

      Appreciate it @MikeQDev!

      The best part is you can reaaaaallllyyyy milk this approach to find an endless supply of ideas :)

      My bad about the post text, can I clarify anything for you?

      1. 2

        Right on!

        Your video hit the nail on the head, the post text itself jumped right into a potential solution/idea, while I was initially assuming the post text would've revealed/summarized the approach itself. Of course not to give too much away, a little bait/hook would've drawn me into clicking the video sooner :p

        Appreciate the quick follow up :)

        1. 3

          OHhH! got it, okay. Yeah, i was just amped because it was, to me, a pretty rad idea, so I wanted to go into the keywords aspect of it.

          Gotta tease a bit more in the text.

          Thanks for the feedback chief!

  2. 3

    Cool method.

    Appreciate you breaking it down in the youtube videos.

    1. 2

      Appreciate it @qnd!

      Any improvements you'd like to see? lmk

      1. 2

        It's actually pretty straightforward already.

        Just keep on keeping it simple :)

  3. 2

    Checkout the previous post for idea #0014:


    I'm going to post these every weekday, so follow along if you're interested :)

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