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Find The Best Freelancers In 2021

Hey, I'm Maya, Senior Software Engineer at Google. Have you thought about using Fiverr platform to grow your business ? It is a freelancer platform where you can find multiple services done quickly and cheaply. Here you will find The Best Fiverr Sellers in 2021, who have more than 120 positive reviews. Some, I have already worked with them, others are recommendations … All the best! 😃

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    Hey, Maya!

    You never know when a seasoned, veteran SEO content writer, USAF vet & ski bum might be "lurking" around any areas with written material!

    I left the the freelancing scene due to overseas competition, especially from content farms which are everywhere these days. I started my own company, wrote for about 10 years , then I just stopped. However, I'm up and writing again!

    I've enjoyed a lot of success with a variety of different assignments, assignments that I leave a bit smarter than when I arrived. If you ever find yourself in need of a writer again, give me a shout. I "lurk" around a few times a month to get some inspiration bc I'm about to start something but I'm still working on the research end.

    My degree is in Natural Resource Mgt and, lately, I've discovered some great collaborative opportunities for IH members interested in NRM, GIS/Remote Sensing, programmers, and probably more, But, like I said, it's still a germ of an idea...As a matter of fact I'm going to post some websites that might give you all some inspiration for a startup.

    The "Great Reset", & "Green New Deal" will require specialized skill sets from people like me, the Natural Resource Managers. However, the vast majority of us don't know how to code and "make things" the way you guys do. Granted, some have specialized degrees in remote sensing, GIS mapping, ecosystem statistical analysis, even enviro law. But, alas, I'm just a somewhat humble conservation planner and wildlife habitat manager (I barely remember how to login to ARCMap much less use it well). Highly specialized, new tech is needed for monitoring areas with high carbon sinks, such as a highly managed forest. The specialists are working with everything from graphene, satellites, and even systems which can record sound waves forests breathing (trees breath, just differently)
    But I digress. I'll make more known as I figure it out; I have loads of research papers to read.

    Give a shout the next time you are in a bind or just need something written up and optimized. My experience as a writer, a scientist, a USAF veteran, and even a ski-bum could come in handy for you someday. I've written dental grants for the England's NHS, re-written MSDS, aka Chemical Data safety sheets for the largest chemical database in the world, tax articles for Go Daddy...and even more plus I'm starting an "enviroskeptics" blog complete with documentation on just how deep the rabbit hole has become."Ecollusion" will either be on the Ghost platform or possibly Memberstack, since they are a startup. I like to support you all as much as possible.

    If you think that the need is great for the services of a seasoned freelance writer on IH, I'd be more than happy to post something about it. Please advise me where I should do that on the site. I can provide a resume upon request.


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