March 9, 2019

Finding a sales partner

Wisani Shilumani @igitresethard

We're looking for someone to fulfil the sales and marketing role for However, we have no idea where to begin. E.g.

a) What methods do you use to find partners?
b) How do you assess whether they understand the role and its requirements?
c) What questions do we ask to ensure they have the skills necessary to perform the task (given that since we can't fulfil the role, we know very little about it)


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      Thanks @deadlysyntax I've contacted some people I found there! :) Super helpful!

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    Honestly, I'd strongly advise doing it yourself just for a little while to learn the basics. Sales and marketing are such a critical part of a business you need to know what it looks and smells like before you hire. If the skillset is not on your founding team, then you need to at least understand the basics for these reasons:

    1. Know if the person is BSing you or really doing the job.
    2. You'll know enough on how to set a strategy and tactics that aligns with the other parts of your business (so many ways to do sales and marketing)
    3. You'll know how to set goals reasonable for them

    It will give you the tools to manage and LEAD that side of the business

    I understand that it's a pain and you just want it solved with a person, but it's even more painful when you hand that over to a person and don't know.

    If you're bent on hiring without doing the role first... a quick hack is looking at job postings and job descriptions. Angel list, indeed.. wherever. Specifically posts from startups that describe it a bit better then a corporate listing from an HR person who doesn't really know THAT much about the role. Here's our job page where we have some sales and marketing jobs posted...

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      Hey @jlogic took your advice to heart.

      I'm set on the fact that finding a partner in sales is the right decision. I don't get sales, I don't want to do sales and I don't have the capacity for it. While it sounds like a bad attitude at first, I think it's important to have the right people in the right seats.

      I wholeheartedly agree that I need to get it in order to make a good hire and to make decisions about KPIs and targets. Would you recommend any books on B2C sales, or any resources specifically for the gig-economy trend?

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        Did you mean partner in the business like a co-founder?

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    Are you looking for outbound sales people or high ticket closers?

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      Hey @shaunsurfing we're looking for an outbound salesperson :)

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