November 8, 2019

Finding build resources on a budget?



I'm after some advice! I have an idea, It's very niche but I've validated the concept and it's been great and now I have the contacts to roll it out quickly, It's not been done before and I've no idea how to build it!

I tried posting it on PPH but with little success, the guys I were paying couldn't complete the job or either gave up and stopped responding.

How do you guys find suitable partners to get your product of the ground?

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    Feel to contact me, I can tell you how hard it is to build your idea and a price range.

    I don't do freelance but I am a developer so you know my advice won't be biased or trying to sell you my services.

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    I'd try to build it yourself - if you don't know how to try no-code tools.

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      I would try but it's a very complex algorithm I'd need to define and I'd have no idea were to start. It would essentially be a huge if/else statement...