Growth September 30, 2019

Finding first customers for meal planning app?

Kyle Samera @ksamera

I've recently soft-launched on so I'm looking for ways to find new prospective customers.

What has worked for you? So far I've tried Twitter outreach and sending emails to my pre-launch waiting list. This has resulted in 5 paying customers (not too shabby, but itching for more).

Thanks for responses in advance:)

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    When it comes to paid ads on Facebook, try to target focused on competition audience. If it's quite big (100k+) your CPC should be cheap.

    Kick-off affiliate programme for niche bloggers/ vloggers from your field.

    Experiment with Facebook groups related to food or health.

    Leverage social listening, that means following threads related to your issue on Twitter and Facebook.

    I see you operate on Minneapolis. Invest your time to local events related to your interest and alike.

    But nothing won't work unless you do know your audience. From my experience, 70% lies in this matter.

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      Thank you for these insights!

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    Have you tried any of the following?

    • Paid ads
    • Subreddits
    • Launching on ProductHunt

    How do you view your target audience? where can they be found naturally? can you tap into those places?

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      Hey selab,

      Currently trying paid ads on FB. I've pretty much strayed from using subreddits so far until I can build out a fully fledged content marketing strategy rather than trying direct sales on there. As for PH, I've held off as I want to iterate the product once again after user feedback.

      I know Reddit is hostile to self-promotion, have you ever had any luck with DM's on the platform?

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        I only made one attempt on Reddit, which wasn't very successful.
        As for paid ads on FB - I was never able to achieve a better cost-per-click than $0.5, which is quite expensive given the fact this is not full conversion yet.

        What are your numbers?

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          Yeah Reddit seems tough in my opinion but can be powerful if it's organic.

          As far as paid ads, I'm getting a high cost per click right now, but that's okay because I'm still optimizing. I plan on getting a custom audience going to lower my cost per click significantly once my pixel is warmed up.

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