Finding great, useful blog posts on any topic

Hey Indie Hackers!

There's so much information online, and everyone gets swamped with things to read.

But it's hard to find relevant, actually useful information. Were you ever frustrated how Google shows every page regardless of quality? Do you ever go through your read-it-later list?

Books are the best we have for learning and discovering ideas, but they take days to read. Where are the essays by Paul Graham, Wait But Why, or Farnam Street we were so excited about years ago?

That's what the Timeless Blogs Search is about:

  • Showing you only high-quality blog posts, to avoid SEO hacking and irrelevant news. The challenge isn’t about finding information anymore, it’s about usefulness.
  • Linking Twitter conversations for each article, and ranks search results based on them. What other people learned from a piece of content is much more valuable than any description the author could write.

And it works! Try searching for some topics on lindylearn.io/blogs: for example writing, career, podcast, money, startups, scale, or culture

For a drastic comparison, try the same search on Google or your social media platform of choice.

Showing blog posts people learned from (not which they clicked on), is like combining all the great recommendations you get from friends once in a while. I hope that’s as useful to you as it is to me.

Do you like the idea, and see yourself using the website? Any suggestions or feedback?

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    I like the idea, there is already something similar: https://www.readsomethinggreat.com.

    For me personally, I have such a big backlog of things to read that I am not really looking for new stuff, so who would be your ideal customer and how would you retain them?

    1. 1

      Wow, I did not know of that site - thank you for the link!

      The blog search really is an experiment to find out if people want to search for specific articles. As you said, we all have too much to read and too many distractions - the question is where to start. So I'm trying to figure out your exact question :)

      Do you read things from your backlog sometimes? Or is it more about saving things for later that you come across?

      1. 2

        I try, but need to book time for it ;)

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    If you're wondering about the tech stack, this is cobbled together using Next.js & Tailwind on the frontend, and Firebase, Algolia & some Python scripts otherwise.

    It's incredible how much you can get done in a few days with the right tools.

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