April 15, 2019

Finding your first initial customers is hard...

Fabian Dahlke @Dahfab

So I created tractioncorner.com because of this struggle.

I came up with the idea because I saw a lot of people struggle in finding their first customers. It seems like everybody is kinda good in building products but when it comes to finding customers there is a big knowledge gap.

So maybe we can help each other in finding our traction channel and in learning how to do so for very different products. I hope that in this way everybody can learn from other examples in real time.

And by standing together we can help each other trough the tough times which occur when building things on our own.

Feel free to join - it's free :)

  1. 2

    This is the best typeform survey design I have ever seen in my entire life.

    1. 1

      Lol, I agree. Looks slick.

    2. 1

      thanks? :D

  2. 1

    Great idea. I have requested for the invite. I hope to learn a lot from it.

  3. 1

    This is a great idea exactly what I am looking for I am in.

    1. 1

      Awesome, and welcome :)

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    Hi, @Dahfab
    Thank a lot for this post, I have fill Invitation form on Tractioncorner, Please review and let me if anything needed.

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      You are very welcome :) just invited you to the community.

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        Thanks a lot @Dahfab Yeah i am active now on community.