October 21, 2019

Finish this sentence: As an Indie Hacker I hold myself accountable....

Yannick Veys @YannickVeys

As a founder / freelancer you have only person to keep yourself accountable. I'm interested to see how you finish this sentence and what you do with accountability.

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    … for literally everything that happens to the business (Indie Hackers). There's definitely a division of labor between the parts of IH that I oversee and the parts Courtland oversees, but our ideal is a team that operates like a superorganism, where when there's slack in the line, someone knows to come over and pick it up.

    Requires a lot of honesty and communication that borders on "overcommunication".

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      Nice one Channing. Who comes up with the goals? How (high) do you set the bar?

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        Goals are an ongoing conversation between us and Stripe. Bar is high, given how small our team is. Basically "What are we technically capable of achieving? Okay, now how much of that can we accomplish while remaining happy?"

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          What are your goals?
          Podcast downloads?

          There's no direct funnel to Stripe (yet) right?

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    ... for my time and where I spend it.

    That's a hard lesson I learned last year. As soon as I recognize some slacking I know there's a need for something to change.

    If time is well spent, everything just follows.

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      How do you hold yourself accountable for your time spent?

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        I track my time, review my calendar, todo list, and bullet journal on a weekly basis and evaluate what was good/bad. Then I create actions that help me to adjust where I want my time to go the following week.

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