May 20, 2019

Finished #4 on PH, here are our results

Cyril @cnicodeme

Hi! A few of us asked for our numbers following ImprovMX being featured on ProductHunt, so here there are.

First of all, a bit of how the day went.

We posted ImprovMX at around 0:02 ProductHunt time, so a few minutes after the new day, and almost immediately got Featured.

I can't say for sure why we were featured right away. It might be because I have an old account with many products (either as a poster or a maker) that went featured and finished quite high (the latest being #1), but we didn't had to fight a lot to appear on the homepage, which was nice and helped for sure.

We were initially #5, and quickly moved to become #3. There, we "fighted" a lot with CodeStream on a close battle. We managed to cross them and landed a sweet #2 spot for half the day. (Then, the team at CodeStream launched their powerful upvote machine and quickly gain tons of upvotes...)

A new player came later, DesignGapp, which quickly crossed everyone to finish #1. I still don't know how PH works for these ...

After a whole day, we settled for #4, which is great for us as it gave us a good visibility, many visitors and a few new users.

Unfortunately, so far, no new customers.

Some statistics

We posted ImprovMX on May 15, and that day, we got 210 new users.
As a contrast, the week before, we had 86 new users.

I'd love to share the Analytics details with you, but for a reason I can't explain, the numbers aren't good. GA indicates 194 visitors that day, followed by 175 visitors the next day, but this doesn't make any sense since we got 210 new users! (and I know from experience that being on the top #5 of PH doesn't bring you "just" 210 new users, we had more than 300 upvotes that day!!!)

I'm suspecting that adblockers stopped Google Analytics for being loaded and thus reported invalid data.

Take aways

I think, the biggest take away from this ProductHunt release is Google Analytics.

We used to rely on this service to have a good idea of how well our site was performing, but since the Adblocker/GDPR/Privacy waking up, it appears that it must be more interesting now to rely on a service that isn't blocked and is more privacy focused than what Google is offering.

Services like Matomo might be the key for future analytics.


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    I found to have more accurate traffic numbers. Somehow, most ad-blockers i checked don't properly block clicky (yeat...)

  2. 1

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

    Don't you have other stats that Google? I'm thinking dashboard with user actions, funnels, conversion, etc... that you could rely on with more confidence ?

    Check the book from Ash Maurya - Running Lean [1] if you want some detailed info. There is an chapter dedicated to this very well written.


    1. 1

      We do use Amplitude to track a lot of stuff, but not visitors. It also help us identify when something break.

      Thank you for the book, I'll take a look :)

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    Your traffic should have been significantly higher. I've hunted and have personally been Product of the day #1, 2, 3 and 4 many many times. When that happens I see 5k-30k users to the sites. I am overwhelmed why yours is so small.

    1. 1

      My site was featured yesterday on PH top7.
      Google Analytics indicates 1k visitors.

    2. 1

      Yes absolutely, something's off with our GA configuration.