Landing Page Feedback February 26, 2020

Finished my portfolio

Jay McMullen @jmcmullen

Pretty happy with the turn out so far. Developed with Vue.js and Gridsome.

Would really appreciate any feedback or tips.

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    Clean and clear, and it feels honest. Nice work!
    Some suggestions:

    1. Would be nice if you could give a little background on each project (when a user expands on any one)
    2. Hitting the "More Details" button is a little jarring. It shift my position on the page as well as opens a panel above where I clicked, which is kinda unexpected
    3. Pretty subjective, but I don't care for the Catamaran font
    4. There might be a bug with the hamburger menu - I can't seem to replicate it, but at least twice, I got "stuck" in there (links didn't work)
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    Nice. I loved the elegance. Your contact form asks 'Have you got a website?' which is required & can only be answered as a link. What if they don't have a website?

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      Thanks, good catch. I've made it optional.

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    Very nice

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    Really cool, congrats

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    Looks good! The only thing I would change is not have the duplicate content on the services and home pages :)
    Nice design.

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    Very elegant! why did you decide that the only way to contact you is through Typeform questionnaire? too much spam?

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      Yeah pretty much. Stops recruiters and gives me the information I want to know right from the start.

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    Very nicely done! It looks great on desktop (FF, Safari). 👍

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    Like the minimal style @jmcmullen

    One quick fix:

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    How did you get the brand testimonials?

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      They're companies I've worked with/for in the past.

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    Nice, do you have a Designer you work with?

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      Nope, all me.