March 14, 2019

🎉First blog post on how we will set up our first Online Pop Up Store!


It includes:
👁️‍Ad Tactics
⚒️The tools we use

It would be great if people can at least look at the spreadsheet to tell me if I missed something :)

It would be EVEN BETTER if anyone wants to talk about facebook/insta ads!

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    Ha! Loved your maths and experimental style of work. Super interested to see how that one goes!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. 1

      thanks! i will be posting updates on IH, my Blog and this tweet thread

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    I like the concept and I enjoy seeing the metrics behind it. I was just talking to someone yesterday about "What if we had online Pop ups?"

    1. 1

      yes i like also the ephemeral approach of a pop up store.

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    if anyone is interested on the designer behind this