September 17, 2019

First GitHub repo - WordPress Term Tidier. Improvements sought


Something of a milestone for me on a couple of modest counts...

  • I just learned how to put together a UI for a plugin in the WordPress admin.
  • I finally figured out how to deploy my first code to GitHub.

What is it? "Term Tidier"

Over the last year, I had reason to import thousands of articles to a WordPress site. The source tags and categories, to my mind, were messed up.

Which is to say, the "tags" taxonomy contained many terms that, really, were different types of entities. For example, "Bill Gates" and "Microsoft" and "Redmond" shouldn't all be swimming together in "tags"... because one is a "person", one a "company", one a "place".

Figuring out the real entities for thousands of terms, and making the changes, would be a manual nightmare. So I wrote some code to ping Google Cloud's Natural Language Processing engine, to try to figure out the "real" entity type - and re-assign the term to a more appropriate taxonomy, if one is registered, thereby cleaning up the taxonomy terms.

Until last week, that process of mine had existed as back-end code, executed when I uncommented and, at times, upon a WordPress action/hook. Then I decided to try putting a UI on it, and seeing whether other people have have use of it beside me.

I also finally managed to figure out how to commit to GitHub from Atom editor.

I'm still not REALLY a developer, though I'd be prepared to revise that opinion at some point in the future.

Anyway, what would be cool at this point is getting some eyes on that GitHub code...

I've benefitted so much from open-source myself, it would be wonderful if anyone out there was able to make corrections (probably!) or enhancements to the plugin.