April 26, 2019

First sale and partnership, finally!

Purva @pg24

As a single person, bootstrapped nonprofit, the last 18 months or so have been full of rejections, self doubt and frustration. But finally our first sale happened this week, albeit only $45, it feels good! And to close out this week, we just partnered with Salesforce to support working parents and children through our expert-led, live interactive webinars. Phew!

(*new website coming soon. Thank you @Nakkeeran and Dice Studios for their pro bono help and Render for hosting it!)

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    Woot! (full disclosure: I am married to OP).

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      Supportive partners are the best. ❤️

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        I couldn't agree more!

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    Hey, I say this with as much gravity as I can - congratulations.

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      Thank you @jesterhoax

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    18 months without a single sale.. that's terrifying. Any insights into why? Kudos to your persistence!

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      Thanks @BitGonzo! It was and is really terrifying. Enterprise sales, esp. when it comes to the employee benefits, is painfully slow. Also, initially we were just doing in-person, onsite sessions, and as a result, targeting medium/large companies only. Now with the addition of live webinars, smaller teams with even one or two parents can gift our sessions to their parent-employees and parents themselves can also buy them.

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        That makes more sense! I figured was a longer enterprisey sales cycle but the $45 tag threw me off!

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    Well done! Partnering with a company like SalesForce is a HUGE deal!!!

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      Thank you, @Nilef!

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    Congrats Purva :)

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      Thank you @nostradamus!

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    Congrats Purva!!! This is just the first of many. 🙌

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      Thank you Lynne! Really appreciate your guidance and support!

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    Any reason of asking for donations? I assume your product if for-profit?

    Adding the donate button for paid service might seem unprofessional and suggest your product is not sustainable.

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      We are a tax-exempt nonprofit. We ask for donations to help fund our free workshops, currently open to all but working on partnering with local community organizations to bring our resources to the underserved families for free.

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        That's changes everything. I have not seen any mention about it anywhere through the quick scan, so maybe make it more prominent - for now, the site looks like a SAAS that tries to make an extra buck on the side through donations.

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          Thank you for your feedback. We will work on making it more prominent.

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            Yeah, being non-profit actually get some people on board. I would make sure people know about it.