First time creating my own business

This may be a little different than most people here since I'm not creating a tech-based business. I'm launching a homemade, locally sourced granola production business. I work as a developer during the day and I just wanted to create something that was my own as well as get away from technology for a bit.

I'm actually a little later in the process of the business but I haven't launched yet. So far I've narrowed down the recipe, figured out my business plan, set up my LLC, home processor application, EIN number, ordered package stickers, ordered bags, set up some of my social profiles. I just need to wait for the stickers/bags to arrive, get a business bank account as well as finish up the website and I'll be ready to launch. It feels like so much work just to get to this point!

My plan is to focus on selling online supplemented by going to farmer's markets to increase brand awareness.
I'm mostly going to focus on paid marketing and reinvesting profits back into getting more customers.

My paid strategy is Facebook and Instagram video ads since I have the most experience with FB ads for another business I help out with. I'll start off with experimenting with low budgets first to see what targeting, art, and copy work the best. I'll then explore other avenues of advertising.

My non paid strategy will be producing youtube videos of recipes that use our granola in them. These videos will be posted on all social channels with a link back to our website for the recipe and write up. Each recipe page will have a number of links to purchase our granola.

Once I'm closer to the end of the month I'll be sharing my website to get advice on copy and my sales funnel.

Then I'll be doing a soft launch on here/Reddit while I test ads and do some final cleanup.

If all goes well, then hopefully by the first of December or shortly thereafter I can do a full product launch.

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