May 26, 2019

First timer - first customer!


Howdy all,
Long time lurker making my first post here! This site has been and will continue to be an awesome resource.

I acquired my first customer recently and hit a bit of a roadblock since then (poor marketing skills, lack of motivation, etc.) so I look forward to digging up some old posts on those topics.


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    What's your product-slash-service?

    1. 1 It helps human services agencies audit/review their documentation by way of an Excel file upload.

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    How did you get your customer?

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      Thanks for asking!

      I personally knew the contact person of my first customer so just had to convince that person and their team it was something they could benefit from. But currently failing miserably with just cold emails. Then again I don’t devote enough time to it (full time job, newborn, etc.)