Virtual Meets February 21, 2020

First Virtual Meetup on Zoom!


Hey all,

We had a virtual meetup yesterday on Zoom - it was great to spend some time with other IndieHackers, learn about what everyone was working on, and trade ideas.

We talked about what we were working on, our biggest obstacle of the week, and goals for the following week. The meeting went a bit long, about 1.5 hours, but all in all, a great first Zoom Session!

I was able to snag a screenshot in the middle of the meeting (we also posed at the end for IndieHackers, but somehow, that screenshot got lost 😢. It was a great screenshot and I'm sad I can't find it...)

If you're interested in participating in future sessions, I've started a Google Form to gather logistics information so we can coordinate future sessions!

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    Thanks for organizing! It was a great experience meeting others in a safe space and sharing milestones and advice. I highly recommend!

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    I just found this and signed up! Im always finding more value from this site and have been advocating for others to allow zoom invites (from orgs. I joined local to me ..) hope to meet soon!

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      We're getting close to critical mass for a weekend session - will do another promotional post later this week to see if we can get a larger turnout - but thank you for the enthusiasm, it seriously hyped me up 😆

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    Nice to see a good turn out!

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    It was super nice talking to you guys. Let's create discord server, so we can discuss and figure out issues as a team helping each other.

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      Good call - will look into setting it up in advance of the next one!