Florin Pop beats burnout and hits $7,750 a day after launch

$7,750 only 24 hours after launch. Burnout is on the rise this year and it hit @florinpop17 hard. But it didn't stop him from finishing Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer. Here's how he made it to the other side:

I remember being pretty disappointed just after launching the eBook. I'd been reading all these amazing stories about developers making like $40,000 to $60,000 from their eBooks within a few days. I have a big audience so I was envisioning sales notifications rolling in every few seconds right from the beginning. But that didn't happen. I had to bring myself back down to Earth, where the reality was actually way better than I first realized.

I made over $4,000 before I even finished the book. It was amazing. But having hundreds of people waiting for it made the work way more stressful. It meant I had to deliver. And I felt like I had been way too optimistic when I promised ten ways to make money. I didn't even know that much about one of them. But I couldn’t remove anything. I was stuck.

I felt like an imposter. I knew what I was writing had value but at the same time, I wondered if the value was all in my head. I went back and forth a lot. I know, I know, my brain is a mystery sometimes. I overthink things a lot.

So I burned out. It was painful. But when my friends read it and reassured me that it was good, it gave me the push I needed to continue writing. I'm proud of what I did now. And sharing that with my audience actually led to more sales.

Including the pre-sales, I made $7,750 on the first day and I'm about to hit $10,000. After a year and a half of putting things out for free, that's an amazing feeling.

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    Thank you James! It was a pleasure to work with you on this! I hope it will help people! 🙏

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      It was fun chatting with you, thanks for taking part in the series!

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    Amazing. Great job James!

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