Flowrite launch on Product Hunt ✏️

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    Hello Aaro, I took sometime to feature your product on ProductStartups and also featured on my Linkedin.


    Hope you like it.

    Please keep in touch


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      Love it, thanks for the support Venkat!

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        My pleasure. Kindly keep in touch Aaro!

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    Congrats on the launch! Flowrite looks awesome, (and what a great name / .com, btw)!

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      Thanks Trevor! :)

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    Love it! Looks really good. What is the business model?

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      Hi there! Thanks :) It's a monthly subscription!

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    Just submitted - super excited to give it a go, thank you!

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      Thanks Reemi! 🙌

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    Love the site and the graphic design :). Did you do the graphics in house or did you outsource them?

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      Thanks! Everything is done in house 😊

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    Congrats! It looks amazing. I was just looking for something like this couple of days ago. Can't wait to try it out.

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      Thanks! Looking forward to having you.

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    Congratulations Aaro - Venkat

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    This is just wild! Congrats on your launch, hope you are very proud of yourself!

    I am a first-year student at the University of Adelaide currently studying Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) Honours. However, I have also taken upon an elective subject in entrepreneurship, and part of my first assessment is to network with entrepreneurs. I would appreciate it If you would kindly take a few minutes to answer a couple of the following questions that I have listed below. Thank You!

    1. What industry are you in and what made you want to join this specific industry?
    2. What was your goal starting out/what motivated you to start a business? Was it out of necessity?
    3. What sort of challenges did you face when starting out? Any sort of financial or emotional burdens? If so, how did you overcome such issues?

    Congrats once again, mate!

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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