Ideas and Validation December 29, 2020

Fluorite - A note taking app for customer validation.

Hazmi Irfan @valehelle

Hi all!

Excited to share with you guys an app that I am developing.

I was reading "The Mom Test" recently and tried to apply it on my customer interview process.

I like the idea of tagging the customer expression during interview for better understanding the customer emotion. Unfortunately existing app can only tag by words only and are mostly general purpose note taking app.

So I created Fluorite - A note taking app specifically design for customer validation process.

Do check it out and any feedback is welcome :D

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    Hey man. Some initial thoughts:

    • I have Notion, whats stopping me from using that to tag notes?
    • "Fluorite is a note taking app that is specifically design for customer validation process." : design should be designed.
    • I am not too sure emotion should play a huge rule in this - rather, it should be tagged as problem #1, or problem #2 - which you can easily do any note taking app.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I would have appreciated some advice when first making my idea.

    [0] Patrick McKenzie, Validating Product Ideas Before Building Them

    Businesspeople generally have room in their head for three things: problem #1, problem #2, and Boring Stuff I Don't Have Time To Deal With Right Now. Don't build until you find people for whom this problem is, at least, problem #2.

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      Thanks for the advice :D. Do you interview your customer often?

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    Hey Hazmi, that's very cool, kudos to you!

    Maybe you could add your app to Products list here on Indie Hackers

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      Thanks for the tip. I have just added it and waiting for it to be approved :D

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    fascinating! how's it going with the uat?

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      Thank! So far so good. I'm still getting feedback and iterating on it.

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