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Hi Community!,

I'm building https://everycoinprice.com in public and will be sharing my journey on twitter https://twitter.com/developeron29

Comment below your twitter handle, so that we can all follow each other


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    The site looks awesome! What are your plans for monetization?

    I have been trying to build in public for a new mobile application that I am working on over on twitter https://twitter.com/jeffeddev

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    Hi @developeron29,

    Congratulations for the project.

    I'm also building in public and launched almost two weeks ago a Twitter analytics alternative, https://TwitterStats.app

    Get more insights about your tweet performance, what are the best hours to post, engagement rate and more. It's free to try.

    For any questions just reach out

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      Great site! Followed you

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    I've been building https://greenhabit.app for PH Makers Festival over the last couple of weeks. It's been a push to get it out in time for the voting. So the first BIP step for me will be a retrospective write up here on IH then more frequent tweets on https://twitter.com/emotf

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      Great site. Followed you back

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    I just started so things are pretty much in flux right now. I plan to build an uptime tracker although still figuring out my USPs.

    My twitter handle is https://twitter.com/jameel263

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      Great work, Thanks Jameel for sharing

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    Hi Ayush

    Your site is looking great. I'm working on solving the problem of online discovery in publishing. Brytebook.com

    Here is my twitter handle: https://twitter.com/samyakr_

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      Nice work samyakr! Followed you back

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    I'll be doing the 12 for 12 challenge starting in July! Follow me at https://twitter.com/john3ss

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      Nice work! Followed you

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    I'm working on a project which will be focused on simplifying the modern web development mess.

    It's still in the early stages and I'll write about it on twitter: https://twitter.com/devsimplicity

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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