Meta December 20, 2020

Following page is broken

Paolo Amoroso @PaoloAmoroso

Update: The Following tab is working again for me.

When I visit while logged in and and click the Following tab, the thin progress bar at the top of the page fills from left to right but nothing else happens and the Follwing page doesn't show up.

If I visit the page directly, I get only the splash page with an indie quote as in the example screenshot. Signing out and back in doesn't resolve the issue.

I'm using Chrome OS Stable 87.0.4280.109.

Is it just me? If so, I'll do some troubleshooting.

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      I though I was dreaming, I've seen that comment, searched but couldn't find it.

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        Thanks @levid @anilkilic glad to hear it's a known issue.

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    I wanted to make a post noting the best and the flaws I have noted when I get the time for it. One main thing I have noted is, the site is really slow, sometimes it stalls on the quotes screen (especially on mobile).

    There are shitty forums out there that load in an instant. And here's a golden site that simply won't load.

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      Yeah it's slow. If you browse around without being logged in it's much faster. I plan to improve the logged-in experience soonish.

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        Just tried logging out and browsing, the increase in speed is noticeable as you said.

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      The Following issue seems to be fixed.

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        Yeah, I meant the slowness generally.

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          Right. Unfortunately, Indie Hackers is consistently slow even with blazingly fast hardware and network setup.

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