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for college indiehackers: incorporate with Stripe for $50

You don't have a start a company now. You probably shouldn't start a company now. It is a distraction if you don't have customers, or a product etc. But if you need to start a company, you can do it cheaply.

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    Thanks Josh. This looks really attractive to me because I'm currently spending a few hundred a month on Google Cloud credits and I anticipate that it will grow.

    A general Stripe Atlas question that somebody might have some thoughts about…

    I'm in Ireland and have an Irish Stripe account doing about $2,000/month in revenue and paying out to an Irish bank account, my customers are mostly in the U.S. though. I'm not sure if I need a Delaware C-Corp right now and if there would be advantages. Is it possible to set-up a Stripe Atlas account just for the Google Cloud and Stripe credits? Or does that sound like a bad idea?

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