For other digital nomads: how to have a desktop in your backpack

I present you my portable desktop with which I can work with two screens wherever I go.


This project came out of my need. A guy asked me in a coworking where I bought it. As I saw that he was interested, I posted it on twitter, I got good feedback, ... one thing led to another and I decided that I would not manufacture the physical product, but I could sell the instructions.

Let me know what you think of the landingpage and what you think of the idea. You can make your own with very little money.

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    It's worth a shot, I remember seeing this on Twitter. I would love to know how it does! I hope you keep us up to date.

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    @RobertMenetray This is a very interesting. I probably would use this right now but I can definitely see the value in it. I can also see that you have decided that you will not be selling the product because it is is expensive to ship, but you could always add the shipping as a separate cost. As an example, I bought a 75 USD product and paid 35 USD for shipping, (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aawireless#/) The shipping was just a separate cost.

    In terms of it being easy to manufacture, I agree. But people pay for the convenience of not doing it themselves. As an example, someone might choose to buy this instead of going out to find cardboard, following instruction and finding the time to make it themselves, here's an example of an easy to create product that people are buying (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sunshader-work-from-anywhere#/).

    There might be other reasons for not going out and building this yourself, but the ones you gave are not so clear cut.

    Interesting project once again 👍

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      Yes, I thought about whether I had to make it or not, but for it to be affordable it has to be sold at a minimum of 35€ with shipping included.
      For a cardboard I see it excessively expensive.
      Besides I would have to manage the stock and shipping, which is complicated since I am a digital nomad at the moment.

      Besides I earn more money spending my time programming for companies (I'm freelance) than not spending my hours making cardboards.

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        Cool, makes sense. 👍

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    I think if you really want to market it, you need a few more things to make it stand out. For example, say or mention that you will be using recycled material for the actual product so it's more environmentally friendly, etc.

    An another thing, how sturdy is it? that second image on your landing page just gave me chills lol. Like, if someone had a $2000 laptop, they probably would be a bit hesitant to use it in that format. (You could do a video and put it on your landing page to answer this "friction point".

    And third, design. If you are able to paint it or make it more artsy, then it could be interesting. Alternatively you could use this as a framework to create something of a more "premium" material and mark up the price.

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      I sell the pdf instructions and not the cardboard. Is it not clear on the website?

      The cardboard is recycled if you use recycled cardboard (as in the case of my images).

      You can paint the cardboard if you want.

      And it is quite resistant. I have no problem to put my 1500€ laptop on top of it. It wobbles a bit, but there is no danger of falling.

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        Oh, yea, maybe because of the way it was showcased it seemed like you were selling the actual thing.
        But that was my perception from my first quick scan. (Also, on your hero, I think that more info button is not that necessary as it just take people to the first section after scrolling)

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    Neat. You should give away the cardboard plans for free and sell a more premium version made out of durable materials.

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      I do not plan to sell the physical product.
      I think it's too much work and not enough profit margin. I prefer to devote my time to web programming and not to cardboard manufacturing.

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        I don't mean manufacture cardboard, but a premium stronger material in the same shape. I'd buy that for $30.

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    This is pretty sweet!
    I had a similar idea a long while back. Not sure how easy this is to market - since it's probably pretty easy to create it yourself as DYI project.
    Good luck!

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      thanks, yes I think it's pretty easy to make it yourself. That's why I don't see the point in manufacturing the product and shipping it. It would be too expensive to ship it to other countries.
      For this reason I have opted for the idea of selling the pdf with the instructions.

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        Yup, makes sense😁

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