Community Building May 21, 2020

Found a cool new product? I'll start

Adam La Morre @alamorre

This week, I found the app on IH and I know I'll be using it a lot.

They're a cost-effective website builder for simple, single-page websites. This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

As a freelancer, I typically make a dedicated website for my projects to market my services. However, I don't want to spend a week building my own and SquareSpace is like $30/mo...

Finding is a big win for me and I know I'll be a day 1 advocate. Thanks guys! @mizan

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    Hey Adam,

    I just woke up and saw your post. 😄 It just made my day. It's really motivating for us. Thank you for recommending Dorik. Feel free to share any feedback/suggestions (I have sent you an email with our roadmap). 🙌


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      @mizan i could not find a way to contact you on your website.

      I tried signing up for early access and I get an error when trying to add my email address.

      I am on firefox, looks like firefox is blocking the submission URL when tracking protection is enabled.

      This is the error in firefox console.

      The resource at “…42563_1590126313955&” was blocked because content blocking is enabled.

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        Hey @pras2018,

        Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into it.

        Can you send me an email, please? (My email is available on my IH profile). Also, we have a live chat widget on our website. You can contact me there. If I'm not online please leave the email. I will be in touch as soon as possible. :-)


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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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        Thanks for the feedback mate. We have an agency plan in mind for the future. Right now we are focusing on adding features and improving the website builder. :-)

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          This comment was deleted a month ago.

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    You seem unique (at least as a developer). So would love to ask some questions.

    Have you looked at Carrd? If so what do you like about Dorik that you didn't like about Carrd.
    Do you plan to have a blog?
    For a one pager why not just use a quick template and host on Netlify for free?

    Goal here isn't to discourage @mizan but ask the tough questions.

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      Hey so yeah good questions! I'll answer them one by one.

      Why not use Netlify? Simply because it does not build templates for me. A big value prop (to me) of Dorik and Carrd is that I don't have to spend time making a pretty template myself.

      Do I plan to have a blog? For these websites no, or at least not at the moment. A simple one-page site showcasing the project and a simple CTA is enough. As for a personal blog - maybe someday 😄

      Why not use Carrd? They are similar and both very cost effective. My answer is that I'll probably pick templates "a la carte" depending on which service has the most suited template for my new project.

      Simply put. I'm advocating because they're solving a problem for me. Pretty, single-page, cheap, and quick websites are a big win for me. 👍

      Hope that helps!

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    This is a great idea @alamorre. Last week I came across Adalo. It is platform that allows you to make an App completely without code. I haven't done a thorough investigation into it, but it looks like a cool product for those of us who do note code.

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      Yeah even though I'm a Software Engineer by training, I'm very pro no-code. That's why I mentioned a website builder :)

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        Great stuff. Lots of cool no-code tools coming on the market these days!

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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