Money March 24, 2020

Founders from No-Stripe countries: How do you process payments?


If you are from a country that Stripe does not support, how do you process payments?

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    Pretty happy with them.
    Had a glitch on their side after verification (human error). Solved same day with a support email.
    They take around 5%.
    Easy to setup.
    Totally recommend.

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      That 5% is a killer though... has nice rates and good product (quite close to stripe in terms of UX and integration possibilities), but they require verification in order to start using them

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        5% is a killer.
        Elaborate please, it is not clear.
        Also can't find braintree's fee on their site.

        Paddle's verification was quite simple, took us 1-2 hours from the request to activation.

        Since our stage fee doesn't matter much – we stick with Paddle.

        Not saying one of them is better/worse though. Just sharing, that Paddle was super easy and quick.

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          Yes I guess I should be more constructive than my first comment. My bad!.
          To be honest, I had a brief look of paddle in the past and i quickly dismissed it after seeing their charging. After seeing your message today though I decided to check them out again. Their offering looks quite nice afterall. They are super simple and fast to integrate with, and make the whole 'charging-clients' experience a breeze.

          My main issue was the '5%' charging they had. Braintree for example, charges (at least in my country - check Pricing on the footer of the page for yours) 1.9% + 30c /transaction (a few years ago, that 30c didn't exist!). In a 10euro transaction, this actually equals the 5% that paddle charges (I never did the math before!). So I refrain from my previous comment as it was misguided from the 1.9% without realizing how 'heavy' that 30c was on the overall percentage.

          Now, if you process higher value transactions (eg 20-50-100 euros ), that 5% quickly becomes a lot comparing to the 1.9% of braintree, considering you are processing a lot of volume. If not, I am inclined to say that the easyness of use, and verification process of paddle might actually make it a winner in my eyes.

          So I guess i've learned something new today! Cheers mate!

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            Wow! thanks for a detailed comment!
            We both learned a lot new today!

            Wish you the best!

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        Thanks for the tip. I agree that 5% is a lot!

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    Stripe, its cheaper to make an LLC in US than in my country.

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      For any foreign entrepreneurs looking for a similar solution, check out

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    PayPal business account. I located in Russia

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    Too many alternatives of Stripe. See them:

    PayPal Payments Pro
    Google Wallet

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    I use Paypal, I've used 2checkout before for about 2 years and currently using flutterwave because it links directly to my bank (I'm in Kenya btw)