Ideas and Validation March 25, 2020

Founders $ Pool

Ishwar Sundararaman @ishwars

What if all founders contributed $10 every month to a pool. And got virtual coins (utility tokens) in return.

And one most deserving startup got the pool every month. (Decided by the collective after a demo day every month)

If and when that startup manages to get an exit, then the returns are added back to the pool to invest in more startups

And you can can sell your virtual coins back to the pool or other founders at any point to cash out.

Any thoughts?

Would any of you know of anyone doing something similar. Thanks

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    Sounds pretty cool. For that, we would need founders who have money and a trusted receiver of our money so that it can go to the right place.

    Also how much money are we giving for what percent of equity? If we can figure out this, perhaps you can give it a try.

    If it's credible, perhaps people will be willing to use it.

    Also, people might be interested in giving it for free, giving mentorship and resources to startup that is most deserving.

    1. 1

      Have been trying to combine the concept with my current startup

      Have created a new landing page. Would you be great if you took a look

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