May 24, 2019

Founder's Saturday — weekly online meeting to help each other grow

Sergey Shvets @sergey_shvets

Hey Indie Hackers,

Seeing a lot of posts around burnout, accountability, and "how-to-solve-something" questions, I thought of an idea to hold a weekly call with founders to help participants achieve their goals. The meeting will cover three main areas:

  • weekly progress update — everyone working on their own goals and making them public to be accountable;
  • one product presentation — one person a week will be able to present their product to answer questions they want;
  • brainstorm on issues/problems — during the week, we will gather a list of items and vote for top ones to brainstorm and discuss during the meeting. This exercise should make sure that you never stuck too long — a collective brain should be able if not solve the problem, but offer some ideas on where to search for solutions.

Why call? I feel that this creates better accountability and also more time-efficient. We'll also have some chat/hashtag going during a week.
Why Saturday? many of us working during the week and spend weekends on our projects. Saturday is the start of your alter micro-workweek.
Why weekly? a week is a good enough interval to make progress.

Does anyone want to join?

UPDATE: Since we got some interest, here is the form to sign-up: Let's make this happen!


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    We have 13 responses so far! I'll be in touch tomorrow and, hopefully, we can get the first "dry run" this Saturday!

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    We already have 10 sign ups! I'm amazed! Thanks, everyone, for the support!

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    I'm in! Signed up!

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    Let's see if Saturday brings us more people! I'll be in touch with those who sign up shortly after the weekend!

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    If anyone is interested in doing this during the week, let me know as Saturdays/Sundays don't work great for me.

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    I really like this idea - saw something similar ( from a Nick Crocker article - definitely interested :)

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    @rosiesherry @csallen — hey, I have two questions:
    – how do I make more people see this post?
    – Can I create some hashtag like "founders-saturday", so we can use IndieHackers forum for the idea instead of taking it away to GoogleDocs or so? I'm sure something good should come out of it, and I would like to share good stuff back to the community!


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    @mikedarkowski @chuckbelcher @VikR @cnicodeme

    Thanks for the support guys! Let's make this happen and we will figure out challenges as we go. I suggest we give it another week for more people to join, but in the meantime, if you can fill out a short form:, so I can figure out a time and send invites?

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      Note that saying "I'm an expert" is a bit odd. I'm not, but I'm better than "Know enough" ;).

      Also, about the times, I think Fridays might be good to, at the end of the workday week.

      Good luck! Curious to know how it will evolve!

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        @patrickbolle was curious for Friday timeframe. It doesn't work for me personally, but I'll keep it open as an option.

        Regarding "expert" — everything is relative. I wanted to ask if you're comfortable giving advice in that area :)

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    Why not, I'd be interested, but finding a time that works for everyone might be difficult to find :/

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    Great idea!

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    I think that is a great idea.

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    +1, count me in :)

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