Ideas and Validation September 25, 2020

Framework for developing an idea into a product?

Nick @SkilletSpecial

Can anyone recommend a good framework/process for taking an idea from inception to a marketable product?

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    This is the 10 point checklist I follow and preach ,

    1. Find a problem to solve  which resonates with you.

    2. Validate the problem and ensure that there is enough need gap.

    3. Visualise a cost-effective solution which solves that problem. You would now have a startup idea.

    4. The solution should be good enough for the people who face that problem(2.), so that they are willing to pay for that to get their problem solved. You would now have a business model.

    5. Validate the startup idea with those who face that problem(2.).

    6. Calculate and raise the appropriate capital for your startup.

    7. Build a right team to create the solution i.e. product.

    8. Find the product-market fit  with a Minimum Viable Product.

    9. Long term sustainability of your problem now depends upon how large is the need gap, how good your product solves that problem and how it fares when compared to the solutions offered by your competitors. So, you need to build on your solution according to the market demands. You would now have a product strategy.

    10. Find the people who face the problem which your startup solves and sell your product to them. You would now have a marketing & sales strategy.

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      Love it. Simple and easy to follow and expand upon. Thank you for sharing!

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    I guess there is no one size fits all, but I prefer the minimalistic approach where you do the bare minimum to try and validate an idea or product.

    Here is my personal "framework" A roadmap to launch

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      This is great! Thank you for sharing.

      The section on building really hit home. As a developer I want to build everything myself -- but I don't have the time to do it all and I can't do everything as well as others can.

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    Are you talking about something like “Agile”?

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      Good question. I think agile software development is definitely relevant, and may provide a good part of the answer, but doesn't inform each step in seeing an idea through to profitability -- marketing and selling your product, for example.

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        Ah ok. The original post only specifies developing the product up to the point its ready to be marketed. In which case I believe Agile is your best bet.

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    I'd propose to look into the 30x500 methodology.

    You can learn more about the underlying principles at

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      Thanks for sharing. I'll take a look.

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