February 25, 2020

Free Ads Spend Calculator - Just launched on PH

Dan Siepen | Growth Marketer | Co-founder of Cenario @dansiepen

Hey all!

Hey everyone :)

My business and I built this simple to use and Free Ads Calculator tool to help you make better decisions around marketing spend and ROI.

Check it out on PH here :) - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/free-ads-spend-calculator

Our mission at Cenario is to make numbers simple to understand and help businesses succeed by knowing their numbers with confidence.

We often see many people be turned off by paid advertising or investing in a channel to experiment with growth, but often make this conclusion when they haven't actually worked out the KPI's for growth.

We built this free calculator original for internal use and as mentioned above in the description it was very much a rough 2 hour job, but with a few more extra hours, we quickly created this because we knew it would be of value to many other people in the community.

Do you know your numbers and KPI's for growth? What's your ideal CPA? Check it out in the calculator!

You can measure your:

👉Churn Rate
👉Months To Pay Off CAC
👉CAC:LTV Ratio
👉% Of Those Reached Sign Up
👉What Is Your/Your VAs Hourly Rate
👉Payment Conversion

In order to find out your goals:

🏆Your Lifetime Value
🏆Max you can afford to acquire a customer
🏆Max you can pay to reach 100 on Instagram
🏆Max you can pay to reach 100 on LinkedIn
🏆Max hours spent to reach 100 on LinkedIn
🏆Max Cost for each Sign Up
🏆Max Cost for Each Website Visit
🏆Max cost for 1000 impressions

Love to hear everyone's feedback and any questions, please let us know :)

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    What is the tech stack you used for the calculator?

    1. 1

      Hey Josh! We used Vue.js and then an iframe onto webflow :)

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    I was thinking about this idea for a while. Good execution 👍

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      Thanks man appreciate the comment :) - Glad you liked it!

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    Great work mate! Super easy to use, bookmarked ;)

  4. 2

    A useful tool indeed ..

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      Thanks Fraz :)

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