Beta Testing March 25, 2020

Free check of 5000 pages for Indie Hackers

Jeremy Mauboussin @jeremymauboussin

Hi Everyone,

I launched the public Beta of PlagiaShield this Monday.

PlagiaShield is for content marketers

If you heavily invest in SEO then PlagiaShield might interest you. Quality blog posts tend to be copied. A lot.
It negatively affects SEO performance as original/unique content is crucial for good positioning in the SERP results.

PlagiaShield finds all potential content thefts and helps you get rid of them.

You can try it for free

If your site has less than 500 pages, you can get started for free on the PlagiaShield website.

Have a website with more than 500 pages?

I can also provide you with a coupon to get 5000 pages for free. If you are interested, please book a short call with me ( The goal for me is to know more about you and your content.

Thanks in advance,

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