May 22, 2019

Free design tools and resources for your next big project

Sandoche @sandoche

Hello Indie Hackers 👋,

I am a maker, designer and developer. One day I decided to stop using chrome and to migrate to opera. Because my bookmarks were a mess and I felt like starting from a clean state I decided not to automatically import them. That day I did a mistake, I realized that I missed most of my design related bookmarks and that at the end they were really useful for any kind of project. I had undervalued them.

After this happened I tried to think of a way I could help myself and also other makers, designers or developers. That is why I built Undesign: a collection of design resource for people like me, the makers and hackers!

I curated the list myself, so feel free to send your favourites resources!
Also please send me your feedback!

I hope it is useful for you:

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    Pretty useful, especially for me as a developer

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    Great collection. I’ll try a few on my new project!