Newsletter Crew August 8, 2020

Free For Customers reCAPTCHA

Jonathan Butler @adroitboss

Hi everyone! This is my latest post for the Free For Customers newsletter. A newsletter about companies that made money without charging their core customer base a dime. This one is about reCAPTCHA and about how spam helped create a new way to digitize books. If you want to check it out, you can read it at the link! Any feedback is appreciated!

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    Post it on medium, add some images and infographics to make it more appealing to the eye. I like to skim read articles and if it catches my eye, I read it in depth. Maybe add some subtitles into it. you can get lots of free infographics online, or alternatively, find someone on fiver.

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      Thanks for the great feedback! I was thinking maybe I should incorporate some graphics. Thanks for confirming this for me. Also I didn't even think to post it on medium. I'll do that as well!

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        Yes definitely, its really nice to look at things visually. It's more engaging. Share the medium article on all your social media, everywhere, also make sure you have relevant tags included as people follow certain tags.

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          I will! I also noticed you generally used small paragraphs in your article, is this done on purpose?

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            It makes it more digestible you see, quick easy to read

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    Thank you for sharing

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