Landing Page Feedback September 22, 2020

Free landing page builders vs paid?

DC @dcsan

I have a small launch coming up and don't want to pay $80 bucks for something like Unbounce or Landingi etc.. Mailchimp also seems to have a free landing page builder that has metrics and some other stuff.

What do people here recommend for cheap test marketing?

Also, as a developer I'm tempted to just build a static site with NextJS, so that I can extend it later and control stuff like SEO better. 
What are the main features than the landing page sites offer that are a pain to build on your own? (eg conversion/metrics tracking/ FB login etc.)

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    I did my site ( with a static HTML template & uploaded it to Netlify. Works great & fast. If you start with a template it doesn't take so much time.

    For me, I always want to change something and doing it with builders is pain in the ...

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      Where do you get templates from?

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        You can find this template along with others on Cruip .

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      yeah exactly a template + SSG is good. but if you want metrics, or a facebook login plugin or a registration form + backend... all doable but it's death by a thousand cuts. or AB testing, or something a non-techie can edit later... CMS does have it's benefits. Plus the templates are pretty optimized I would guess. But I'm not sure if there's really cost effective option with more advanced features.

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    Fb login is a weird feature for landing page :)

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      sorry I meant more like FB (or other - adwords) tracking, for example if i did a small buy on facebook, to know which campaigns are converting.

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        Ah FB pixel.

        " death by a thousand" 100% agree so many things you have to do to optimise a landing page.

        We built if you want to just get started.

        We have a code editor built in so you don't need to learn a new tool.

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      Thank you @orliesaurus, You rock.

      Hey @dcsan.

      I am selling templates for 10 to 15 dollars, they are plane jane made with only Tailwind or Bulma.

      DM on Twitter and you get any of them for free.

      I am reworking

      Also, left an easter egg on, a whole Tailwind template.
      Nt Twitter is.


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        looks interesting. can those templates be used with nextJS or gatsby? Are they "components" at all or mainly the plain css/html?

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          They are built only with the CDN from Tailwind or Bulma.

          So you can choose the stack.

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      (Hey @orliesaurus, thanks for the mention 😄)

      👋 @dcsan, I sell easy-to-setup HTML templates on They are all HTML and CSS (I use Scss as a pre processor).

      Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hello 👋,

    We created Frontendor UI Library to " Create Beautiful Landing Pages by COPY-PASTE "
    We are offering +56 Bootstrap Blocks with different styles & 4 Templates with very affordable price.


    All the best

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      seems like a nice kit of components, but I wouldn't want to do front-end stuff nowadays without some framework react/vue/svelte. and it's a lot of work to convert the raw html components.

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