SEO August 13, 2020

Free SEO audit for your SAAS

Okii ELi @Eli2

Hi IH,

Today I feel like giving back to the community!

How about I give you a quick free SEO audit of your SAAS and how you can grow its organic traffic. Have grown several sites via SEO! One of my sites receives around 3M monthly pageviews, second receives around 450,000 monthly pageviews The other 4 receive an average of around 10,000 to 30,000 monthly pageviews all organic!

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    Thanks for doing this, brother.

    I hope I am not too late?

    Here is my website,

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      Hi, bro @launchbeast long time!
      I love your site just a few add-ons:-
      Introduce social media sharing buttons and related posts on each post page
      Publish more content consistently and share on Facebook too, you depend much on Twitter and get backlinks via PH/Reddit/

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    Hey, I would really appreciate the audit about my product, Designtack.

    Thank you for doing this, Okii.

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      1. I see only one h2 on your landing page. I'd use more of them
      2. You're missing robots.txt and sitemap.xml files
      3. You have pretty thin about page. Put more content into it.
      4. Start a blog and target keywords you're after
      5. Redesign testimonials. Add image and some link where a user can found the person who's giving out a testimonial.
      6. What's this counter on the bottom of the page?
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        Thank you for the feedback. I would take a look at these.

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    Hey Okii, that would be awesome! I run and get around 3,000 to 4,000 organic visitors per month. Would love to see how I can pump that up.

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      @dqmonn congratulations!! Massive ranking. I see you have set all the SEO requirements and the site is ranking well. The addon is to increase the mentor's niches from the current that you have! The current once is very broad e.g web development mentor, maybe you can break them down into more small parts. That will increase the number of pages to rank! Also, you can add a forum to discuss some of the issues related to mentorship. Good job!

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        Gotcha, makes sense :) I have a little dashboard that shows me where I have enough mentors to generate new pages, so going back to that :)

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      You have massive traffic, bro.

      What are your marketing channels?

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      This is a cool idea.

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      Mentor Cruise is v. cool!

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        appreciate the kind words 😊

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    Hi Okii. Thanks for doing this! I just got started a few weeks ago and any insights are appreciated:

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      I saw freddy on PH! :O
      Looked very promising

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        Thanks! If you want to try it out: I recently removed the need to enter your credit card so you can now sign up and try it without entering those details :-)

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      Hi @eskimo
      I love your landing page and you need the following to rank very fast:-
      1)AMP site version as site speed is very slow
      2)A blog for the site-I prefer WordPress + Yoast plugin
      3) Write well-detailed articles on the following few keywords:- (website feedback tools, product feedback tools, good feedback tools, free feedback tools,
      feedback tools for management, feedback analysis tool, saas feedback tools,
      customer feedback collection tools, customer satisfaction feedback tools)
      4) More content ideas is a comparison of FreddyFeeback vs all other available feedback tools in the market. Leverage on those known brands!
      5)Publish a post daily for consistent 45 days and make sure you share the post on Facebook + Twitter

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        Thanks @Eli2 for the reply.

        1. AMP is specifically for mobile pages and not easy to implement. I don't think my users will come from mobile. I do need to optimise some things according to Lighthouse though (current score is 81).

        2. I already have a blog, see Using Wordpress doesn't really go well together with your point 1, as it's generally slow. My blog is SEO optimised (structured data and all the social meta data and tags that Yoast does for Wordpress)

        3. and 4) Honestly I have already found all of this myself, I probably should have mentioned before that if I look at my competitors I feel this is really low quality content. Why would I write a list of my 20 competitors? I just feels like SEO for SEO purposes, I rather build quality content for users that appreciate quality. It's also another thing to distinguish myself from competition.

        If you have any good tips or examples of doing things differently but still touch upon SEO (although maybe less effective) that would be appreciated.

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          I love your reply. I also hate the idea of creating content for the sake of SEO, and not to provide actual value.

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          @eskimo great! my way of doing things is always being the customer. What will customers be searching for them to find me? What value will the customer be searching for them to find my service? Organic search is just a distribution channel just like a Facebook page which is niched down to specific user's needs. I love the articles that you have done but they are not shared in social media. Google ranks any content shared on social media fast. So even if you design to go for unique content, social media should be the first distribution channel. Secondly using $5 to promote with Google ads is very effective to rank your site very fast as Google considers the traffic organic plus Google search console will be filled with related searches which you can rank with content later on

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            Thanks! I actually do share my articles? They're on Freddy's Twitter account, my personal account and on Linkedin...
            I agree that thinking from the customer's perspective is key, but still I'm not going to write 'Here are the 15 best customer feedback tools in 2020'. Yes they might search for it, yes it probably improves my ranking but no: I refuse to go down the pure SEO blog post path... Next to building a product and a business, I also build a brand. That brand stands for quality, design and thoughtfulness. Obviously that doesn't mean I can not do SEO. I do look at keywords and try to optimise, but the focus will always be quality content.

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        Please don't support AMP in any way. It's the worst thing that ever came out of Google and it has the potential to destroy the web. AMP is evil.

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          Why is that? I can't remember what it was called but I think Facebook tried something similar and failed, I do still see some AMP around, but primarily from newsletters and blogs if I'm correct.

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            Just google for "why amp is bad" and you will find hundreds of articles.

            Here are some titles, which express the developer community opinion of AMP:

            Why AMP is bad for your site and for the Web
            Google AMP Can Go To Hell
            Kill Google AMP before it kills the web
            Why AMP & Facebook Instant Can Be Bad for Business

            Those are just a few randomly selected links, but everyone kind of agrees upon the same thing: AMP is really dangerous for decentralization, privacy, content ownership, branding and the web in general.

            The main issue with AMP is that you allow Google to do whatever it wants with your site and content, copy it or show it to the user and not even display the URL to your site.

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    Hi Okii, plz check us out, . Thank you in advance :)

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    Hi Okii,

    I'm late to this. Would it be possible to share your inputs my platform?


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    If able, I’d love to be part of this. Project Management Five just opened up about two months ago...

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    Hi Oki. Thanks for helping out. Can you review ? This is Graduate program search Engine for US colleges. Even with huge number of pages, does not rank very well.

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    Awesome offer! Thank you for doing this, my site is

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    Hi Okii, would love your insights for, for which organic traffic is pretty much non-existant right now :(
    Thank you so much for doing it!

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    Yes please! My website is Currently get about 350 uniques from google per day, any help would be appreciated!

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    Hey Okii, I am running It is very new digital painting art social media. like a small pinterest.

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    This is awesome! I've been really struggling with SEO because my site doesn't follow the standard Saas layout of a few background pages, a blog and then whatever app. The site is the app - which now that I think about it, maybe could change... Anyways would love your thoughts!

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      oh fyi - I do have articles located here on the site

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    Thanks for the offer Okii! Total SEO noob here, working on Keysmith. Would love your thoughts

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    Hey! I would love your feedback for

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    Sounds great, I run and have only recently started using google and bing to bring in traffic.

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    Hi @Eli2 ,

    I would be keen to know your thoughts on

    Appreciate the efforts.

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    Hey! I would love what you have to say about

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    @Eli2 : - we launched a month ago. Its an open source product and is in alpha/beta stage.

    Love to hear your feedback.

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    Thanks for doing this! I'm running and have no idea of how to SEO that doesn't involve start a blog... :/

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    Hi Okii, thank you for your help! I recently launched and am looking to drive more traffic to the site. I am open to any suggestions - thank you!

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    Would appreciate the review for

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hopefully I'm not too late to the party...would appreciate any thoughts on

    Much appreciated!

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    I've been using Ahrefs and creating a bunch of sub landing pages around targeted keywords.

    I've also been creating YouTube videos that link back to the site.

    I am not happy with my results yet, I have seen improvements.

    ###Things I am trying to do.

    • Improving DR by being well-aged -- out of my control in terms of age, but getting a good reputation online has been helping with DR
    • Improving backlinks -- this is something I am looking for but don't how valuable is it with my limited time. So I am hoping to collect these organically over time.
    • Creating 1-2 new content pieces per week. Here is an example of something I made yesterday with a correlated YouTube video ->

    ###Things I am not doing good at

    • Haven't been consistent with content. I am spinning multiple plates and put more weight on sales and product. I am trying to figure out an approach where I can kill multiple birds with 1-2 stones.
    • I could be better at targeting long-tail keywords and going after low hanging fruit.

    Overall I know some basics, but looking for an expert to shape me up and put me in the right direction.

    The tool is called Story Creator and you can find it here

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      Hi, @storycreator I love your product! Good job and keep going. For content, I recommend you follow this guide You have a strong domain and you shouldn't focus on backlinking at the moment but focus on content and for your content to rank fast, share it on FB/Reddit and trust me within two weeks you will see huge changes in traffic. Personally, backlinking I do it once per month but content daily!

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    Thank you for doing it. This is my product Bullish

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      @eduardosasso I love stock market updates! I recommend you add a blog to the site and publish daily stock market updates so that the content can rank. Learn more from in the matter content

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      Hi, @BraydenTW Good project! add a blog and share some HTML coding tutorials and inspirational landing pages. Launch on PH to get backlinks and social media ranking

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        Thanks for your tips! I'll definitely work on them!

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    Thank you for doing this! Would love get audited for

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      @ohsik very very strong domain you have! The traffic is good but you need to fix broken links like this one
      You also need to push more content on a daily or weekly basis! Also, work on the site loading speed, it's a little slow. Be sharing individual pages on social media too apart from the homepage.

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    I really appreciate the help, can you have a look at and tell me what I'm missing.

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    Hey, thanks for the help! Here is mine:

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      @jdles very strong domain and site are ranking well? How is your google search console searches look like?

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        1.4% CTR, which is low :-/. About 25k impressions in the last 3 months.

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    Thanks a lot for doing this!

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    Hey thanks for doing this . Here is my website

    Reach me at :

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      @sachingk submit your site to Google search console and share the pages on social media

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    Can I join if I'm not in SaaS hahah @Eli2

    I'm currently working on a side project via Notion. Maybe a bit challenging in terms of SEO?

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      @felix12777 make it independent and make your content dynamic to generate new URL, new meta, new keywords, and new titles. Then you can submit the site to google console. For now, just type site: on your search browser and you will see its returning zero results.

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    Hey! We've been trying to get our content to appear more on search. I'd really appreciate some help: Especially on our blog:

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      @bgrgndzz You have very good content. Share it social media especially on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit within two weeks it will start ranking!
      Have you submitted your site to Google search console because I see the main domain is also not ranking?

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        Sorry I didn't see the other question! We have submitted! Where are you looking at the ranking? Let me investigate that

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    Thank you so much. Please review .

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      Fix broken links especially your twitter account, make sure you share all your blog posts on social media. The blog is set up well but lacks content that is related to your niche

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        Good catch! will fix it. Thanks

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    Hi Okii - I would appreciate it if you could look at - I added few pages based on google console but love to hear your thoughts.

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      Here are my .02$.

      You're missing alt texts on lots of images.

      You're missing images on your Open Graph data on your blog posts.

      You don't have structured data on your articles.

      You don't have robots.txt file.

      You should write longer articles.

      You should add sitemap to your footer (links to overview, pricing, signup, etc.)

      GTMetrix is showing you good results for all except for images and JavaScript. I'd optimize image size and implement caching. You should also defer execution of JavaScript.

      Hope this helps.

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      @shahn congratulations on a good job!
      You have a very strong domain and the content is already ranking. Please push more content consistently till you get to over 100 daily organic users.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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