March 11, 2019

Free tool to assist with making changes to your apps and websites without the need to republish

RemoteConfigs is a tool that assists developers to quickly and efficiently make changes to their apps and websites without having to recompile and republish them.

The setup is simple. You create the configuration that your app or website should use on your RemoteConfigs dashboard as a set of key-value pairs, called settings. Then, in your app or website, you make a call to the RemoteConfigs API to obtain the settings of your app or website. Whenever you want to make a change to the content, behavior or appearance of your app or website, you simply make the change in RemoteConfigs. The change is immediately available for your app to use.

Example use case:
You have an app, and you want your content writer to update the content on the app, but you don't want them to touch any code to do so (they probably don't even know how to). You add your content to a config on RemoteConfigs, let your app obtain the content through the API, and your content writer can go and make changes from the RemoteConfigs dashboard.

Visit our website for example use cases and to get started for free - no credit card required and there is no trial period.